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California Strawberry Festival

Source:America's Library
Level: Pre-Intermediate

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Can you guess where the "Strawberry Capital of California" is?

What do you think people do at the Strawberry Festival?


Have you ever tried a strawberry pizza? If you went to Oxnard, the "Strawberry Capital of California," in May, you could!

Oxnard is in Southern California and this part of the state takes its strawberries very seriously. At the two-day California Strawberry Festival you can sample strawberries prepared in all sorts of ways. In addition to traditional treats such as strawberry shortcake, strawberry jam, strawberry tarts and strawberries dipped in chocolate, there is strawberry pizza!


When you have finished reading, return to this page and answer the questions below.

Post-Reading Questions

  1. Which food is not mentioned in the article?
    a. Strawberry shortcake
    b. Strawberry jam
    c. Strawberry candy
    d. Strawberry pizza

  2. What are the annual revenues from strawberries in 2014?
    a. $100 million
    b. $2.6 billion
    c. $335 million
    d. $16 million

  3. Who is the target audience of ?Strawberryland?"
    a. adolescents
    b. children
    c. young adults
    d. the elderly

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