This is a true story about a boy who ran away to escape the stress of too much homework.

Boy Runs Away From Homework


Talking Points

  1. Do you think that kids nowadays have too much pressure to perform well in school?
  2. Was this boy’s mother too harsh in giving punishment?
  3. In your country, would it be safe for a child to travel alone on a train?
  4. What would you do if your son/daughter ran away from home?
  5. Describe a situation that was difficult for you to cope with. How did you handle it?
  6. Tell about a time when you were lost. What did you do in that situation?
  7. If you were lost in an unfamiliar city, how would you find your way home?

Role Play

  1. You are in an unfamiliar city and want to find the post office. Ask your partner for directions.
  2. Your child is lost at a large train station or public place. Ask your partner to help you find him/her.
  3. You are having difficulty with mathematics. Ask a friend to help you with your homework.
  4. Your mother gives you too much pressure to get good grades. Talk to a friend about the problem.
  5. Imagine yourself in a difficult situation. Discuss with a partner your plans to escape.

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