This is a true story about a boy who ran away to escape the stress of too much homework.


Boy Runs Away From Homework

Words & Expressions Definitions Examples
Run Away (from) collo., phr.verb escape, abandon, or leave The boy ran away from home.
Stow put something in a small space for storage
(past tense: stowed)
Stow away
collo., phr.verb
hide oneself on board a train, plane, or boat for free transportation. The boy stowed away on the train.
Stowaway person who hides himself/herself for free passage on a boat, train, or plane  
Province a designated political area within a country; similar to a state. The boy was from Hunan Province.
End up
collo., phr.verb
reach an outcome or destination. He ended up in Guangzhou.
Cope, Cope with handle or deal with a difficult situation. He couldn’t cope with his extra homework.
Mathematics Course subject dealing with numbers and calculations. Mathematics was probably not his favorite subject.
To make matters worse
to add to the difficulty of a situation To make matters worse, the boy’s mom punished him harshly for a simple mistake.
Punish impose a penalty for wrongful behavior The boy’s mother would punish him for not doing his homework correctly.
Exhausted extremely tired. He was exhausted from the long trip.
Be exhausted be extremely tired  
Hop jump a short distance, sometimes on one foot
(past tense: hopped)

Hop onto
collo., phr.verb

jump onto a higher surface, usually a vehicle. He hopped onto the nearest train.
Transfer change vehicles or methods of transportation en route to one’s destination
(past tense: transferred)
He transferred trains many times.

Manage to
collo., phr.verb

succeed in doing something. The policemen managed to locate his parents.
Desperate without hope; afraid that the outcome will not be good. The parents were becoming desperate.


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